Where Babies Come From #1

I like to share things with the world. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have attempted writing books and publishing them. I really do enjoy pouring my emotions onto the page/keyboard and hopefully eliciting the same sort of feelings in my readers. What does spawning literary ideas and writing fiction have to do with babies? Creative juices, my friend!

Anyway, I thought I’d start sharing the inspirations for the various things I write. I released Blackout last month, so I’ve got license to harp on about it for a little bit longer. I’m going to start with the two shortest pieces in Blackout, to ease myself into this. Fair warning, there may be spoilers ahead.

The Event
The Event is as general as general gets. It sets up the world in the mind of the reader, making a general picture before the other short stories make up wrinkles in the tapestry. The post-apocalyptic setting is one that I rather enjoy when it’s done well and done with some sort of variation. The generic ‘cataclysm that turns humanity into scavengers and vagrants’ has been done to death, so I thought I’d do something different and jump forward fifty years to see some semblance of bouncing back. Having learned about market economies in EMS in Grade 9, I found the concept interesting and decided to implement a form of it in my series.

I think PMCs are a pretty cool concept narratively. Having the protagonist tied to actual professional killers masquerading as a national military, itself mocked as a bunch of paid murderers, makes for some fun moral exploration, especially when applied to an entire society invested in the idea of war being necessary for their daily bread.

Titans of Another Time
I’m a huge nerd about certain science fiction concepts. Humanoid war machines are one such concept. Having watched such things as Gundam, Gurren Lagann, Code Geass and more recently mainstream blockbusters that feature mecha, I find the things pretty cool and decided to put my own spin on things. Because copyrights and trademarks are things that exist, I ended up having to make my own name for my humanoid tanks. I’m not the best with names but Lordframe sounded cool, so I stuck with that.

I really enjoy drawing mecha as well, so I’ve a wide variety of things to describe and fiddle with. Maybe I’ll upload those some day when I feel more confident about them. There’s a sense of grandeur and scale with humanoid war machines that I think is awesome and I couldn’t really do anything but include them in my stories.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


My World- Part 2


I ended up being busier than I wanted to be yesterday, so I didn’t manage to get one of these out. That said, I’m ready to move on…

Fall of Nations, Rise of Commerce

War gripped the minds of everyone on Earth much more strongly than before The Event and it became an everpresent fact of life. Even children become acclimatised to violence and death from an early age and the entire business model of commercial war sweeps all of society with it. On the plus side, at least rulers of a given area admit that they’ll invade somewhere for resources. Battle replaces sport as the primary font of entertainment and competition, leading to massive death tolls across the globe and daily casualties relegated to the realm of statistics.

Enterprising companies band together to form unions, coalitions and associations to replace the fading countries, shareholders replacing any sort of pure democratic process. With the human population falling dramatically, any sort of gender and sex based discrimination falls away and women join the wars as full combatants. In fact, in the story proper, Homeward Bound‘s protagonist and supporting character in Wyvern Diary, Sheila Hail, ends up being one of the best one-on-one fighters in the known world. Racial relations either fall away into harmonious cooperation or explode beyond their breaking points, flaring up yet more conflict. Glorified gangs aiming for extended racketeering masquerade as Private Military Contractors, the biggest and shiniest muscles on the world stage.

The nature of the beast makes war celebrated. Soldiers, especially effective and flashy ones, eclipse entertainers as the most prominent celebrities of the age. Between the hyper-effective but humble Damian Wolf taking it in his stride and Sheila Hail completely indulging in the star lifestyle, and the public supporting all of their habits, stardom ends up sticking to soldiers like glue. War pubs, with bets hedged on tactical shuffles, soldiers surviving and particularly exciting duels between combatants, make honest people turn to gambling to pass the time and forget the horrors. PMCs turn to slogans like “Justice Through Expansion” and “Success Through Sacrifice” to garner support and funding. This draws young men and women like our teenage protagonist Steven Hail into the whole culture, convincing them that they’re really changing the world. Other places are more proactive in their efforts to indoctrinate children. Chapel Six is one such example and one you’ll learn about in Blackout. 

Unbeknownst to them all, the real gamechangers are around the corner…

Teaser for Blackout

Development of Blackout is going well. I’ve got two artists doing cover work on it and my editor is taking his sweet time with the completed stories. In the meantime, here’s the opening bit from the book itself. First draft material here but I’m very excited to let you guys see this. Read below the line for the intro.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.

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