Wyvern Diary… 2.0

It has begun…

Chapter 1: The Risk of Calculation

Humanity’s existence had been opulent. Cities sprung forth from the ground as the centuries long population explosion showed no sign of stopping and the wilderness of our green planet dwindled. Industry, technology and the marvels of science tamed Earth with mankind as her master. And mankind was cruel. From the minerals in the depths, we made weapons: cold steel, gunpowder and bullets. As a result of our luxury, there was jealousy and where there was jealousy, there was conflict. Gun propaganda, war posters, training videos and even school education geared towards a future with guns and violence. But no one had any idea how prophetic it all was.

Then it came from the blue, a titanic flash of light in Eastern Europe that could be seen as far as Prague. I don’t know if they were trying to build a new super weapon or defence structure, but the event set off a chain reaction that put Europe in a state of permanent blackouts. They say it was an electromagnetic pulse of some kind that completely shut down the electrical components of every object in the major cities of Europe. But the pulse persisted and when another one hit Abuja in Nigeria, we knew it wasn’t isolated. The world was coming to an end.

Since then, it was like the people had become looters after a natural disaster on an entirely global scale. Every gun and knife found itself in someone’s hands. Man was lawless, man was fierce and man was self-serving. Gangs went from running the streets and evading the law to being the law. Yet, some people had grander objectives than that…


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